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Quality Assurance

Quality is synonymous with growth at Biltube. Our stringent quality measures help us meet all our customer needs.

Our focus on quality has helped us build strong relationships with customers and eliminated supplementary costs. Our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities from sourcing raw material to delivering finished products give us an extended competitive advantage.

Our quality framework reflects three dimensions of quality:
  • Operational effectiveness - We believe strategic growth stems from operational effectiveness which, in turn, leads to profitable growth. Our focus on shop-floor efficiency and operational best practices has helped us create a dominant cost-and-quality leadership for our products. We leverage our operational expertise to achieve cost and buying efficiencies, seamless supply-chain integration and consistent product quality across our manufacturing plants.
  • Automation & Robust IT systems
    We have installed robust Information Technology, Management Information Systems (MIS) and Cost Controls to ensure gains from large-scale raw material procurement. We use automation to reduce wastage and product rejection. We follow ‘shadow inventory management’ in sync with our clients’ requirements to guarantee ‘just-in-time’ production that significantly reduces idle inventory.
  • Quality Management
    We follow global best practices in quality management like Total Quality Management, Kaizen and 5S models to ensure quality consistency.  All our conversion products undergo stringent quality checks through Statistical Quality Control (SQC) before dispatch.

We have a highly dedicated team of quality personnel who ensure that every product that rolls out of our manufacturing units meets the highest level of international quality standards. Our long standing commitment to quality has established Biltube as a reliable and leading global brand in the cylindrical packaging industry.

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