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With over three decades of experience, Biltube has pioneered new technology and innovations in cylindrical paper-packaging, helping the industry compete in domestic and global markets.

Our products reach customers across the globe; we enjoy a leadership position in key markets like the emerging economies of Asia; and have a significant presence across Europe and the Americas. With state-of-the-art integrated product development and manufacturing facilities in focus geographies, Biltube’s products represent the preferred choice for discerning global customers.

Our products cater to customers from:

  • Paper and Board industry
  • Producers of Plastic Films
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Food & Fruit Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Yarns & Textiles


  • Metals & Foils
  • Floor & Roof coverings
  • Labels & Tapes
  • Straps & Cables
  • Photography – Medical Imaging & Graphics

Biltube offers an extensive range of high-performance paper-packaging products. We provide high-strength coreboard and end-use products such as paper & film cores, paper tubes, paper cones and edge protectors for a variety of manufacturing applications. We offer tailor-made solutions for individual customer needs by developing customized product grades for specific requirements.

Supported by our dedicated R&D team, Biltube is committed to offer a superior product for each application. Our products demonstrate reliability in our customers’ production processes and deliver optimum performance to improve efficiency and profitability.


Biltube is the leading manufacturer of high-strength specialty coreboard. Our world-class coreboard solutions help customers in reducing their costs while paving the way for enhancing quality.

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Paper & Film Cores

Biltube is the leading manufacturer of high-performance cores in the Indian market with a presence across Asia,...

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Paper Tubes

Through research-driven product development and quality enhancements, our paper tubes provide...

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Paper Cones

Biltube’s R&D focus and in-depth knowledge of raw materials enables us to optimize product properties and achieve...

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Edge Protectors

Biltube aims to provide complete protective packaging solutions thus transforming the way goods are transported...

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Packaging Sustainability
Research and Development