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Paper Cones

Customized printing
Customized printing of logos and various characters on the inside and outside surface of the paper cone

Yarn Identification
Printing yarn identification on the cone labels

Velvet surface
Velvet surface for smooth unwinding of the yarn without taking off or picking fine fibers of the yarn. Smooth and steady transfer of yarn results in minimum breakage.

Extensible plush surface
Smooth surface to adapt to the start-up and off-wind requirements for distinct types of yarns

Y, U and V notches to protect displacement of the end of cone on manual disrobe winders and twisters

Reverse Groove
Reverse groove at the base of the cone to protect displacement of the end and to restrict the movement on automatic doff winding and open-end spinning equipment.

Two grooves at the base
Two grooves for additional protection during transfer-tail settings

Smooth inner boundary to avoid the snipping of the yarn end when placed inside the cone.


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