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Paper Cones

Optimising Operational Efficiency

Product Features

  • Dimensional accuracy for improved efficiency and smooth yarn transfer
  • Well-balanced roundness to avoid the yarn sloughing off at high-speeds
  • Minimum weight variation for a perfect grip
  • Solidity and strength to carry higher doff weight and reduce packaging cost

Biltube’s R&D focus and in-depth knowledge of raw materials enables us to optimize product properties and achieve the operational performance that customers seek.

Biltube devotes particular attention to ensure the highest quality of raw materials for its paper cones to meet the objective of total quality.

Biltube’s paper cones are manufactured with moisture-proof bonding material to impart strength for bearing higher doff weights within a humid atmosphere.

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities using specialty paper, our high-quality paper cones help customers improve efficiency in production processes.

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