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Biltube’s human capital — our leadership team, management and shop-floor employees is a key differentiator in our endeavor to become one of the top three specialized packaging players in the world.

Our belief and continuous investment in people has helped us create long-term value for all our stakeholders. Biltube’s work ethos is conducive to teamwork, talent recognition, innovation and responsible action.  Our efforts to bring about positive change in the lives we touch are reflected in our motto:


We value our human resources and offer world-class benefits and a caring work environment. At Biltube, exciting career opportunities and the necessary support and training & development help our employees chart a rewarding career path.

Over the past two decades we have built a strong talent pool that boasts of integrity, transparency and professional conduct as its integral strength. Respect for individuals and entrepreneurship-led career growth advancement has helped us recruit, retain and reward talent. Our responsibility towards the environment and the communities in which we operate is central to our work philosophy.

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