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Why Biltube

Work environment
At Biltube, we are working towards creating a global organization where each employee is empowered, respected and practices the highest levels of integrity. We remain a flat organization, packaging resonance, strength and success for our customers with the highest quality products. Our knowledge and people leadership goes beyond our shop-floor and products to create a responsible business that is inclusive and in harmony with nature.

Leadership & Learning
With an employee strength of over 300 and growing at a fast pace, we are inculcating a leadership and organization management strategy to support our fast-paced business growth. We offer several technical, engineering and leadership training modules to help employees keep abreast with the latest technologies and management practices in the industry.

People Integration
Our strategic global HR program ensures that all new employees integrate with the current team seamlessly. We ensure that the people integration process respects the cultural sensitivities of each employee and the country (s)he comes from.

Global best-practices
At Biltube we are focused on optimum manpower rationalization in line with global best practices to deliver the best product at the best price to customers. To ensure quality and cost leadership, our HR policies ensure a merit-based approach to bring out the true potential in people and create continuous growth opportunities.

Packaging Sustainability
Research and Development