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MD’s Message

In a changing global competitive landscape, continuous innovation holds the key to sustainable growth. Our journey of over 2 decades has seen accelerated performance through significant investments in R&D for an extended competitive advantage. This has gained us a leadership position and created a reputed brand as the only organised player in the highly unorganised cylindrical coreboard packaging industry in India.

While mature markets are dealing with limited growth and fiscal constraints, emerging markets are experiencing fast growth. Industrialization trends across emerging countries in Asia are generating robust demand and boosting protective packaging requirements. With these factors driving increased demand for cost-effective packaging, Biltube is leveraging its co-located manufacturing operations in Asia for a cost and near to market advantage.

With a broad spectrum of products in the realm of coreboard technology ranging from cores and tubes to angular boards, we continue to move ahead to strengthen our leading competitive position.  Going forward, a tactical shift of players from low-strength coreboard to high-strength coreboard will open up further business opportunities for Biltube.

With a focus on capacity expansion and growth, we are analyzing business integration opportunities in local as well as global markets. Going forward, we will continue to explore value-driven manufacturing assets globally for partnering with them or for further acquisitions that will help us improve our customer orientation.

Global warming has pushed environmental issues to the fore. Market demands are getting stronger for packaging development that supports environmental sustainability. With a zero-waste manufacturing model, we ensure optimum use of recycled and scrap paper besides supporting pro-environmental innovations.

Looking ahead, we are confident that our cost and operational efficiency will be key to our growth and position us for market leadership and enhanced value creation. As we pursue our strategic growth initiatives, we are well poised to realize our vision of becoming one of the top 3 coreboard packaging product manufacturers in the world in the next 3 years.

Kiran Bhandari
Managing Director

Packaging Sustainability
Research and Development