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Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is the cornerstone of Biltube’s success. Our business growth is a result of our efforts to create value for our customers and all stakeholders. At Biltube, we are committed to our values of ethical conduct, transparency and integrity in all areas of business.

We follow and comply with global best practices in corporate governance. Biltube maintains that running a business goes far beyond bottom line growth, financial disclosures and YoY performance - it is also about creating an ecosystem of inclusive growth, stakeholder trust and confidence and meaningful social action.

We encourage voluntary adoption of ethical best practices and have set the highest standards of corporate behavior to attain our goals with integrity. All decisions at Biltube are taken keeping in mind the interests of all stakeholders in our business. While creating financial value for our stakeholders, we also seek to be agents of social change.

Our fiduciary board of directors is the custodian of the business and reputation capital of the organization.  Truthful communication about processes, policies, business decisions and internal business structures is the central pillar of our organization. As a corporate entity, we are responsible towards the environment and the communities we deal with. It is our endeavor to create wealth and societal capital for all stakeholders by ethical means and to be the social vanguard for inclusive growth. Biltube’s growth as a globally acclaimed and trusted partner has been on the three pillars of superior performance, trustworthy business conduct and responsible behavior towards society.

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